Sunday, July 20, 2008


Polls are consistently showing that the more than eighty percent of America feels that the country is 'on the wrong track'. What these polls do not tell us is what track is it that is so wrong? Is it just the Bush Administration? Is it the whole of Republican governance? I think that both of these contribute highly to the current malaise in this country. But I also think that the general anger and disappointment at President Bush and the Republican party hide a deeper problem that isn't being addressed by our politicians or most of the media in this country. I think that if you review the 'confidence' polls you'll see currently the Bush Administration (Republican) in the low 20s, and our congress (Democrat) in the single digits. The Supreme Court, which is nominally non-partisan but practically fairly balanced, isn't doing much better in confidence polls.
I think the problem lies within the whole of political philosophy that is currently being discussed. The problem is that everyone in our 'elite' society (politicians, academia, and media) view the political landscape through a Republican versus Democratic, Liberal versus Conservative, or Right versus Left debate, or some combination thereof. This results in a debate over whom should be in charge of government, rather than revolving around a central ideal of the role of government.
I propose that we, the people, can effect this. We need to start forcing our politicians to tell us about the governing philosophy. Not just what they will do to 'help' us. How do they view government? What do they feel the proper role of government might be? Is it simply to give us all a framework of simple, equal laws to provide for a free society? Is it to encourage society to grow in a particular direction? To create laws and regulations so that society and business must do certain things?
I know my answer to all of these questions. As time goes on, I will be elaborating on my answers and why I think that way. I will also be providing reasoned arguments and evidence to support my conclusions. I welcome anyone to join me, whether you a agree or disagree with my ideas. See the Rules post to see what I ask of you when you wish to post your ideas.

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