Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Check out this article today in the UK Guardian by Jonathan Freedland. While I may disagree with his opinion on the recent Israeli action in Gaza, it illustrates my point about the West's general treatment of Israel quite nicely.
So, thank you, Mr Freedland. You made my point very well. Though, if I may, the anti-semetism running rampant in Europe is neither new nor is it separated from the condemnation of Operation Cast Lead. I would say that the condemnation is coming from the antisemitism. The sooner you, and people like you, accept that, the sooner we might be able to talk about this situation honestly. While I'm not one to call 'racism' to defend my position, I do think that the West's treatment of Israel is the result of antisemitism. There is no defensible reason to treat Israel, and Jews in general, the way it is being treated.
And yes, I am saying the Mr. Freedland's position on Operation Cast Lead is indefensible. To condem Israel for this defensive action, to focus on the exaggerated deaths claimed by Hamas rather than the known deaths of Israelis from Hamas rocket attacks, and to claim that the recent increase in antisemitic action in England and elsewhere is a result of this action is morally wrong. That is exactly the point I was trying to make in my previous posting.

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