Monday, August 4, 2008

The First Debate!

I'm very happy to say that I've received a post from a different author. Crabby Apple Mike Lee and I are both readers of the The American Spectator online. After several responses to an article by James M. Thunder, What Happened in Richmond Mike provided a response which challenged the general Libertarian position on abortion and a few other things. As I self-identify as a conservatively minded Libertarian I simply felt the need to respond both to the discussion of abortion at the time and defend Libertarians in general. You can see my first response here and Mike's next response here. I'll post my last response next.
Before I put up Crabby Apple Mike Lee's first post here, let me expand a little on the Libertarian philosophy. Libertarians are a diverse and motley bunch. It's very hard for us to present an unified front because all of us have a different view on things. We're a very individualist bunch, and about the only thing that we can really agree on is that we want the government to stay out of our business. We also work from a philosophy of 'live and let live'. Allow people to make their own way and do the same yourself.
Now, to the debate itself. Warning, this debate covers a very sensitive subject, namely abortion. It will be between self-identifying conservative and libertarian. We do not speak for the whole movement that we represent. If you wish to add to the debate, do so through the comments section or send a full response to for consideration.
Two last quick notes. Any post you would like to send for consideration can be sent to the e-mail above. If you send a post for consideration I will inform you of acceptance before posting, or if it does not meet my (minimal) standards, I will send back suggestions to reach acceptance.

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